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Blending Art & Technology

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3D Printing

3D printing is the art of creating three-dimensional objects by adding material layer by layer based on a digital design.

Whether it's a decorative ornament, or a functional product, let us bring your imagination and creativity to life!

Endless Possibilities

Why Choose Us?

Fully calibrated Printers

3D printers perform optimally if they are well calibrated and maintained. We'll let our printers speak for themselves!

3D CAD Design

Have an idea in mind and require a 3D object modelled out of it? Share details with us and we can help you with the 3D drawing!

Material for various applications

Need a detailed print for a tiny model? Or a stronger material for a functional item? Whichever it is, we got you covered!


Require a product that looks like a professional end product? Drop us an email and we can discuss further!


"Great, fast and efficient. The print was solid, will definitely return for future prints. Thanks!"

Alvin, Customer on Carousell

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What methods of 3D printing does Hexar 3D provide?
    Currently, Hexar Creations offer 3D printing using both FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) & MSLA (Masked Stereo-lithography Apparatus) technology; these are currently the most popular 3D printing technology currently available. FDM Printers (Filament-Based) The process of FDM printing uses thermoplastic polymer filaments as its base material for printing. Filament is fed into a heated nozzle, and using CNC, the printer nozzle travels a programmed path laying melted polymer in its path of travel. MSLA Printers (Resin-Based) The process of SLA printing uses liquid photopolymer resin as its base material to form 3D objects. Using a powerful UV light source and a monochrome LCD screen, a thin layer of resin is cured every few seconds. This process is repeated over the duration of the entire print, until the 3D object is fully printed.
  • What is 3D Printing?
    3D printing is also termed as additive manufacturing. It is the process of forming a 3-Dimensional solid object based off a 3D digital file. The process of 3D printing involves laying down material, a layer at a time, until an entire physical object is formed.
  • What are some examples of 3D printing?
    3D printing has been growing in popularity in recent years and many industries have adopted its use, even in large scale developments. This even includes housing and ship construction. Smaller scale and more common 3D printed items include product such as: Eyewear Dental products Industrial prototyping Prosthetics Movie props Mold master Movie props Cosplay items Cookie cutters The list goes on!
  • Which 3D printing method should i use for my project?
    Each 3D printing technology comes with their own set of material, and are are also best suited for a certain type of printable objects. Here are some general pointers identifying which method of printing suits your project best. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Prints at 160 to 240 microns per layer Comes in a various materials (PLA, PETG) and different colors Suitable for large prints (up to 350 x 350 x 350mm) Stronger prints Masked Steoreolithography (MSLA) Prints at 30-50 microns per layer Suitable for small to medium sized prints where intricate details are of importance Smaller range of printable colors, usually prints in white or grey Thin and small parts of the print may get brittle
  • What is the lead time for a 3D print?
    Print time varies from print to print based on its size and complexity. Furthermore print jobs in our existing print queue may also affect the lead time of your print. We will let you know an estimation of the lead time once you have sent your file for quotation.
  • Where can i find files for 3D printing?
    There are many website where creators share 3D printable models of their files. Here are some popular websites you could check: Alternatively, you could also check in with us if you need a model designed to your personal need and requirements!
  • What are the delivery methods and what are its costs?
    We use tracked mailing for all our deliveries. Here are the pricing: Tracked Courier Delivery - $3.80 Most of our prints are sent out through this option. Purchases will usually be received in 2-3 days from completion of the prints. Same Day Tracked Delivery - $14 For prints that are bulky and/or fragile, we usually recommend same-day delivery to ensure the printed parts reach you quickly and safely. Please note that the delivery time are calculated from the date the prints are completed.
  • How much will a 3D print costs?
    Pricing varies based on the size, complexity, and post processing (such as support removal) requirements. Hence, please use or quoting request form to request an accurate quotation from us!


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